500 million people The least reached region in the world

People International exists to unveil God’s glory to Central Asian Muslims by establishing and enabling his church.

People International is an interdenominational Christian organisation, whose vision is to see churches established that proclaim the Good News among the Muslim peoples of Central Asia.
Our workers in Central Asia are involved in the work of church planting, friendship evangelism, business as ministry and scripture translation, as well as showing the love of Christ in practical ways through project work.
Our teams model to new believers a strategy for the establishment of new churches. While planting a church is a great accomplishment, our real job is to train and mobilize local leaders for effective ministry that will multiply throughout Central Asia.
We work among the Muslim people groups living in the area stretching across Central Asia from Turkey to the Xinjiang Province of North-West China. This area includes more than fourteen different countries and regions and more than twenty people groups with a population of just under half a billion people.


Communism fell in 1991 throughout Central Asia, yet its spiritual darkness still holds many people in fear and bondage. There is a growing need for prayer, resources and Christian workers if the Kingdom of God is going to advance throughout Central Asia.

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People International is in this region because of the great need. One of the spiritually darkest areas of the world today is Central Asia where there are over 450 million unreached Muslim peoples.

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